Automobile Dealership Accounting Services

KVLSM LLP handles over 30 automobile dealerships nationwide providing various accounting services, including buy-sells, mergers and acquisitions, valuations, due diligence, taxation, estate planning, and audits. The firm has handled over 100 buy-sells, multiple valuations, and hundreds of audit preparations and reviews.


Randy Sofferman and Jay Lipner, formerly with Lipner, Sofferman & Co., LLP have a combined 50-plus years in automobile dealership accounting services. Prior to joining KVLSM LLP, Mr. Sofferman and Mr. Lipner serviced automobile dealerships and manufacturers at Lipner, Sofferman & Co. In the 1980s, Lipner, Sofferman & Co. was one of seven accounting firms nationwide chosen by General Motors to provide services to its dealerships.


Mr. Sofferman has over 35 years of experience in the automotive industry and is frequently asked to consult with automotive dealers on a wide variety of topics, such as buy-sell, litigation support, information technology, management advisory services, audit, estate planning, tax and business formation, evaluation, and consulting matters. He is recognized as a Resolution Arbitrator by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).


Mr. Lipner’s expertise includes working with automobile dealerships and manufacturers in the areas of taxation, business consulting, buy-sells, payroll and sales tax, and business formation.

With a firm of seven partners and a support staff of 30, KVLSM has the capacity to handle the heaviest caseloads, yet provide its clients with the personal attention they deserve.

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