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April 2024
Tax Day is Here! Last-minute Details and Tips, Annual Tax Quiz – Is It Taxable?, Claiming Deductions For Volunteer Work, What You Need To Know About IRA Rollovers, Password Madness: Tips to Keep Your Growing List Under Control and More

March 2024
Common Missing Tax Return Items, There’s Still Time, Home Sweet Home Renovations, Building an Emergency Fund When Cash is Scarce, Important Moves to Consider When Interest Rates Change and More

February 2024
When You Can’t or Shouldn’t Claim the Standard Deduction, Leave Excess Retirement Savings For Grand-Children Without A Big Tax Bill, Yes! You Owe Tax on That, Moves to Improve Your Credit Score, Avoid a Penalty and Tax Surprise when Withdrawing from Retirement Accounts and More

January 2024
Healthy Money Habits, Stay On The Comfortable Retirement Track, The IRS Enforcement Spotlight May Be On You, Don’t Forfeit Your Solo 401(k), Tips for a Smooth Tax Season, Ideas to Help Set Financial Goals and More

December 2023
Watch Out For These Unexpected Tax Surprises!,Year-End Tax Cutting Moves to Consider,Beware Of Holiday Scams,Understanding Capital Gains Tax On Home Sales,Manage Family Finances Like A Business and More

November 2023
IRS Issues Warning About Fake Charities, Year-End Tax Planning Tips for Your Business, 2024 Social Security Changes, Tax Planning: Now More Important Than Ever, Where to Find Small-Business Grants, New at the SBA and More

October 2023
IRS Halts Processing on ERC Tax Break Claims, Minimize Taxes – Boost Retirement Funds, Year-end Tax Planning, 5 Great Money Ideas, Tax Court Corner – Three Cases, Three Great Tips, The IRS is NOT Always Right and More

September 2023
Don’t Overlook Your Digital Estate Assets, Employee Benefits: Eliminate Coverage Gaps, Taxes: Knowing the Basics is Key, Your Home is a Bundle of Tax Benefits, The Trouble With 0% Financing and More

August 2023
Mastering Your Credit Card (and Not the Other Way Around!), When to Call: Common Situations that Require a Tax Review, Multiple Jobs: Be Prepared for Tax Surprises, How Small Business Stock Sales Are Taxed, New FAFSA Rules and More

July 2023
What You Need to Know About the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), Common Tax Questions, Surprise Bills: Prepare Your Business for the Unexpected, When Should You Start Social Security Benefits?, Legal Documents Most Americans Need, Pull Your Property Taxes Back Down to Earth and More

June 2023
Make Your Child’s Summer Break a Tax Break!, Ordinary and Necessary Business Expenses, Ideas to Save Money this Summer, Roll Over Excess 529 Funds to a Roth IRA, Shield Your Emergency Fund From Inflation and More

May 2023
Tax Tips for Your Summer Job, Graduation Season: A Great Time to Review Money Basics, Easing Into Retirement or Semi-Retirement, Calling All Taxpayers: Plan Now or Pay Later and More

April 2023
Five Things You Should Know About Filing an Extension For Your Taxes, Five Things You Should Know About Calling the IRS, Help Older Adults Stand Up Against Scams, Tax Day…April 18th?, Raising Financially Savvy Kids, Who Qualifies as a Dependent for Taxes?, Great Money Habits, How to Deal with Unpaid Invoices and More

March 2023
Congress’ Decision on SALT Cap Could Affect Long Island Homeowners, 2023 Tax Updates, New Tax Rules Mean Changes for Retirement Accounts, Attention Businesses: File on Time or Pay the Price!, Getting the Most Out of Homeowners Insurance, Tips for Working Beyond Retirement Age Alternative articles and More

February 2023
Retiring in a Slowing Economy, 2023 Tax Brackets and Other Adjustments, Making Estimated Payments Each Quarter, Fractional Executives for Small Businesses, Five Things You Should Know About Calling The IRS and More

January 2023
Taxes in Retirement, Understand Your Cash Flow Statement, Updating Your W-4, Improving Online Security For Your Business, Important Changes to 1099 Forms for 2023 and More

December 2022
The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act, Digitizing Tax Records, Year-End Tax Moves, Developing an Employee Handbook and More

November 2022
Automate To Save, Small Business Loans, Consider a GRAT (Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts), Some Timely Moves For Your Business and More

October 2022
Save Taxes on Retirement Plan withdrawals, Small Business Loans, Maximize Your FSA, Maintaining Profits During a Bear Market and More

September 2022
Protect Yourself From Financial Scams, Simple vs. Compound Interest, Employee Retirement Plan Selection, What is Intellectual Property and More

August 2022
Higher Education Costs, Are You Saving Enough For Retirement?, Consider State Taxes Before You Move, Interest Rates and Bond, and More

July 2022
Disaster Preparedness, Consider Taxes When Planning for Retirement, Cost Segregation Studies For Real Estate, The Child Tax Credit For 2022, and More

June 2022
Start Your Tax Planning Now!, Hustling for Extra Income, Money Management Tips for Couples, Make Your Child’s Summer Break a Tax Break, and More

May 2022
Consistency is Key for Retirement Investors, Emergency Funds, Summer Jobs for Kids, Virtual Office Options, and More

March 2022
Business Credits That Cut Your Tax Bill, How Are Social Security Benefits Taxed, Understanding Inflation, Hiring Your Kids to Lower Company Taxes, and More

February 2022
Understanding Capital Gains and Losses, Keep Your Business Safe From Fraud, You’re Selling Your Business?, Pros and Cons of Filing Your Taxes Early, and More

January 2022
IRS Letter 6419, Reasonable Compensation for S Corporation Owners, New Year, Fresh Start, Keep Beneficiary Designations Current, Marketing on a Budget, and More

December 2021
Year-End Tax Saving Tips For Individuals, Why Job Costing is Important, Financial Statement Red Flags, Tax-Loss Harvesting, and More

November 2021
Understanding Form 1099 For Your Business, The Advance Child Tax Credit, Nuts and Bolts of Exchange-Traded Funds, Social Media For Your Small Business, and More

October 2021
What is the NYS PTET? (“Pass-Through Entity Tax”), Open Enrollment Tips for Employees, Financial Health Checklist For Small Business Owners, Negotiate a Raise, Employer Essentials for Open Enrollment, What is Backup Withholding? and More

September 2021
Financing Your New Small Business, RMDs Return for 2021, What To Know About 401(k)s, Cryptocurrency Basics, Employee vs. Independent Contractor and More

August 2021
When’s the Right Time to Collect Social Security, Negotiating Post-Covid Benefits, Deduct Mortgage Interest, Deduct Business Expenses, Clarifying Business Meal Expenses for 2021 and 2022, August 2021 Client Profile and More

July 2021
Paying Yourself as a Business Owner, Tax Diversification in Retirement Planning, Managing Inflation Risk During Your Retirement, Control Cash Flow and Costs with Just-In-Time Inventory Management, Losses and Your Rental Property, July 2021 Client Profiles and More

June 2021
Charitable Remainder Trusts for Inherited IRAs, Casualty, Disaster and Theft Losses Affect Taxes, Be Prepared!, Understanding Payroll Taxes, What is a Patent?, June 2021 Client Profile and More

May 2021
IRS Tax returns delayed, Valuing your Business, Understanding your Business Insurance Binder, Big Changes to Child Tax Credit, Defining Company Culture, Client Profiles and More

April 2021
Tax Benefits for Education, Reminder of Special Tax Breaks, Understanding Interest Rates, Kids, Money, and Taxes, Disregarded Entities, April 2021 Client Profile and More

March 2021
Most people have heard of Roth and Traditional IRAs, Simple Ira vs. Sep Ira, Business Start Up, Triple Tax Advantages of HSA, Workers Compensation Insurance, Flexible Work Arrangements, March 2021 Client Profile and More

February 2021
Consider how your retirement income will be taxed? Succession Planning, The Cost of New Hires, How Business Losses Affect your tax return, Is your Hobby a Business or is your Business a Hobby? February 2021 Client Profile and More

January 2021
Start 2021 on Sound Financial Ground, Get your company’s books ready for tax time, Estate Planning Checklist, Build Lasting Relationships, Home Ownership Tax Breaks and More

December 2020
Guidance by IRS Limits Deductibility for Expenses from PPP Loans, Unemployment, Side Gigs, and Tax, Track Your Dollars, End of Financial Year Tune Up, Common IRS Surprises and More

November 2020
New: Pay Your Bill Online, Vote: Bethpage Best of Long Island, PPP Loan Date Change, Year-End Tax Tips, Should You Pay Tax on a College Refund?, Saving Too Much Can Sometimes Be Expensive and More

October 2020
New: Pay Your Bill Online, Vote: Bethpage Best of Long Island, Retiring Earlier Than Planned, Switching Jobs? Here’s What To Do With Your 401(k), Street Smarts, Reinventing Your Business, Protect Your Children, Raising Money-Savvy Kids, Don’t Make These Business Website Mistakes and More

September 2020
Is a Roth Conversion Right For You?, Data Breaches, 2020 Tax Changes, September 2020 Client Profile, Open Enrollment Planning, Real Mortgage Costs, IRS Announces Common Tax Scams, Wardrobe Shopping Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank, Find a Budget Method That Works and More

August 2020
End Recovery Chaos, Document Management, Cash Flow Solutions, August 2020 Client Profile, College Graduates Seeking Jobs, Identity Protection, New Tax Rules for 2020, Should You Incorporate Your Business?, Don’t Make These Mortgage Refinancing Mistakes, Paycheck Protection Program – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on PPP Loan Forgiveness and More

July 2020
Getting Back To Business, 2019 Tax Filing Deadline Extended, Emergency Funds, July 2020 Client Profile, Time To Regroup, Must-Have Documents, Help! My Stimulus Payment is Wrong or Missing!, Small Business Owners Get Good News and More

June 2020
Make Sure Your Loan is Forgiven, Should You Refinance Your Mortgage, CARES Act Retirement Plan Changes, June 2020 Client Profile, Payroll Tax Credit Eligibility, Tax Deadline Extension, Think Before Tapping 401(k) as Emergency Fund and More

May 2020
Key 2020 Coronavirus Tax Changes, IRS: Companies Who Receive PPP Loans Will Not Qualify for Tax Deductions, Coronavirus-Related Relief for Retirement Plans and IRAs Questions and Answers, Business Security, Mind the RMD Gap, They’re Back!, Steps to a Successful Company Audit, How to Correct Tax Filing Mistakes and More

April 2020
U.S. Treasury Dept. Provides Clarity on the Paycheck Protection Loan Program, COVID-19 RESOURCES, The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”), New Retirement Rules, Exploring Trusts For Your Estate, Loan Consequences, A Qualified Opportunity, Tax Deadlines Move to July 15, New Law Requires Small Business to Provide Paid Leave and More

March 2020
Anthony Viola Offers Tax Tips for Workers with Side Hustles, More Savings –Retirement Plan Limits 2020, The IRS Data Theft Problem, Taxes Retirement and You, How To Avoid Phishing Scams, Financing Your Business and More

February 2020
5 Reasons To Work With a Tax Professional, Make Your Cash Worth More – Banking tips to help you cash in, 2020 Retirement Plan Limits, Tax Tips for Individuals and More

January 2020
3 Major Charity Scam Red Flags, Selling Your Business. Cash Flow: A Central Part of Your Business Plan, Health Insurance Deduction For Self-Employed and More

December 2019
Save Money With These Year-End Ideas, Tax-Loss Harvesting, Reminder: Major Employment Tax Deadlines, Year-End Business Tax Breaks and More

November 2019
Recent Ruling Expands Employer Liability Under New York’s Frequency-of-Pay Rules, Amazon and eBay Sales Tax ALERT!, Open Enrollment Tips For Employees and More

October 2019
New Overtime Rule Raises Salary Cut-Off to $35,568, Get Ready For Small Business Saturday, Select the Right Health Insurance for Your Business and More

September 2019
I Owe Tax on That?, Is FIRE Right For You?, Smart Tactics to Manage Student Debt and More

August 2019
Time Allowed to Employees to Vote, Effective Tax Planning Starts Now!, Time For A Tax Tune-Ups and More

July 2019
IRS Bars State SALT Cap Workarounds, IRS Reminder: Get Tax Withholding Right, 5 Summer Tax Savings Opportunities and More

June 2019
You Know You Need Tax Planning If…, Al Capone, Aunt Becky, Tax Fraud and You!, 4 Key Elements of Great Business Books and More

May 2019
Done with Taxes This Year? Use 2018 Return to Get 2019 Withholding Right, Know Your Benefits Limits, When Disaster Strikes Your Business and More

April 2019
Last-Minute Tax Breaks, Oh No! Your Tax Refund is Now a Bill, Hints to Eliminate Monthly Bill Creep and More

March 2019
Tips to Protect Yourself From Tax Scams, How to Correct Common Financial Mistakes, 5 Things Every High School Senior Should Know and More

February 2019
Anthony Viola Quoted in Newsday, And The Magic Number Is?, When Fixed Annuities Make Sense and More

January 2019
Tips for a Faster Refund, Retirement Contributions Get a Boost in 2019, The New Business Deduction and More

December 2018
Year-End Tax Planning Ideas, A Trust For Disabled Individuals, Educational Gift Ideas and More

November 2018
Eliot Lebenhart Quoted in The Cooperator, Time to Launch Your Tax Strategy, Keys to Creating a Satisfying Retirement and More

October 2018
Whose Taxes Will Go Up Next Year, Tax Harvesting, Paid Family Leave Update and More

September 2018
Charitable Contributions and State Tax Credits, Qualifying Relative and Exemption Amount, Pay Healthcare Costs With Pre-Tax Dollars and More

August 2018
Raise Capital For Business, Living Together After 50, When You Need Care and More

July 2018
U.S. Supreme Court Rules States Can Collect Taxes from Internet Purchases, Who Needs an Audit?, Giving Now or Later and More
June 2018
Six Tax Benefits of Owning a Home, The New Small Business Family Medical Leave Credit, It’s Tax-Planning Time and More

May 2018
Tax Changes and Your Investments, Custodial Accounts, 10 Smart Ways to Spend Tax Savings and More

April 2018
Valuing Your Business, Managing Telecommuters, Work from Home Productively and More

March 2018
Home and Education Tax Breaks Revived, Answers to Commonly Asked Taxed Questions and More

February 2018
Eliot Lebenhart Featured on CBS2 New York, New 2018 Capital Expense Rules, 2018 Inflation Awakening? and More

January 2018
2018 Tax Cuts and Job Act, Mileage Rates for 2018, The Best Way to Avoid an Audit and More

December 2017
What to Know About the Proposed Tax Bills, Another Way to Use Your IRA, Disaster and Business Taxes and More

November 2017
Sales Tax News, Year-End Planning, Analyzing Business Website Costs, Job Change Checklist and More

October 2017
Estimated Tax Payments, A Legal Structure for Your Business, Tax Help for Caregivers and More

September 2017
Record Keeping Matters, Elder Care Tax Breaks, Executor Tax Filing Obligations and More

August 2017
Employee or Independent Contractor, Simple Ways to Keep Your Best Customers and More

July 2017
Paid Family Leave: How it Works, Hiring Your Child, Mortgage Refinancing Costs and More

June 2017
Best Practices for the Family Business, Watch Out for Expense Account Fraud and More

May 2017
President Trump Proposes Massive Tax Cut, Michael Katz Offers Up Advice in Newsday Article and More

April 2017
How to Avoid an IRS Audit, Guarding Against Unexpected Dangers and More

March 2017
College Tax Breaks, Retirement Plan Limits, Understanding HSAs and More

February 2017
Filing Extensions, Latest Tax Scams, 2017 Mileage Rates and More

January 2017
Taxable Investments, Deferred Income, Adult Education and More

December 2016
New Year’s Money Resolutions, Equalizing Inheritances, AMT Traps and More

November 2016
Social Security Adjustments, IRS Tax Provisions and Latest Tax Report

October 2016
Tax Planning Guide, Identifying IRS Tax Scams and Latest ClientLine News

September 2016
IRA and Retirement Rollovers, IRC Section 2704 Updates and Latest Tax Report

August 2016
Form 5500 Revisions, IRS Audit Notifications and Latest ClientLine News

July 2016
Recent STAR Program Changes, Latest Tax Report and More

June 2016
Employer Health Care Arrangements, New DOL Overtime Laws and Latest ClientLine Report

May 2016
Latest Tax Report, Helpful IRS Tips, NYS Equal Pay, and More

April 2016
Federal Tax Breaks, Family Businesses and more

March 2016
Congress Extends Tax Breaks, Mortgage Prepayment and More

February 2016
Tax Filing Info for S Corps. and Trusts & Estates, Credit Building Tips and More

January 2016
Latest Tax Report, NYS Minimum Wage Increases and Federal Tax Break Extensions

December 2015
Charting Your Financial Progress, from Financial Aid to Retirement Planning

November 2015
NYC Mass Transit Benefits, Additional Year-End Tax Planning, and More

October 2015
Year-End Tax Planning Guide, Best of LI Nomination and More

September 2015
Estate Executor Tax Obligations, Eldercare Tax Breaks and More

August 2015
The Tax Benefits of Health Savings Accounts and More

July 2015
Tax Calendar, Affordable Care Act and More

SALT E-Newsletter
IRS Verification Letters, Identity Theft and More

June 2015
IRS Verification Letters, Identity Theft and More

May 2015
Retirement Savings Tips, Tax Deductions and More

SALT E-Newsletter
Minimum Wage Increase, Virtual Currency and More

March 2015
New Niche Department, Business Auto Deductions and More

February 2015
Three Steps to Lower Taxes for the Self-Employed

January 2015
Tax Extenders Bill, Health Care Coverage Reporting and More

SALT E-Newsletter
Introducing… “Grains of SALT” a New Quarterly Newsletter from Sanders Thaler

December 2014
Talk of the Town: Tax Extenders and MACRS Regulations Update

December 2014
News Flash: Scott Sanders Featured in Long Island Business News’ “Two Minutes”

November 2014
Merger, LI Press Nomination, NYSSCPA Blood Drive and More

November 2014
News Flash: Eliot H. Lebenhart, CPA, PC Merges into Sanders Thaler Viola & Katz, LLP

September 2014
September 2014: Tax Report and Upcoming Filing Deadlines

August 2014
News Flash: Firm’s Brian Gordon, CPA Interviewed by Forbes Magazine

July 2014
Tax Court Decision Limits IRA Rollovers to One Per Year

April 2014
Talk of the Town: New York City Paid Sick Leave: What Employers Need to Know

April 2014
Introducing the SALT Blog

April 2014
News Flash: New York State Tax Reform

April 2014
News Flash: New York State Budget Modifies Estate Tax Exemption

March 2014
News Flash: Brian Gordon, CPA Joins Sanders Thaler as State and Local Tax Director

February 2014
News Flash: Estate and Gift Tax Update

January 2014
Converting to a Roth IRA in a Low-income Year

December 2013
News Flash: Don’t Lose Your NYS STAR Exemption!

December 2013
‘Tis the Season, Helping Yourself and a Favorite Charity, and More

November 2013
New Staff Announcements and 2013 Year-End Tax Planning

October 2013
DOMA Update, 2013 Year-End Tax Planning and More

October 2013
News Flash: Effects of the Government Shutdown on the IRS

September 2013
Same Sex Marriages Will Receive Tax Benefits and More

September 2013
News Flash: Advice on Filing Taxes during the Government Shutdown

August 2013
Tax Moves to Make Now

July 2013
Supreme Court Strikes Down Defense of Marriage Act in Estate Tax Case

July 2013
News Flash: Obama Administration Delays Employer Mandate for the Affordable Care Act

June 2013
Three Money Moves to Beat Back Higher Taxes

May 2013
Tips for a Better Tax Season Next Year

April 2013
Scott Sanders and Elliott Lavietes Participates in Daily News Tax Hotline

February 2013
News Flash: Sanders Thaler Viola & Katz CPAs to Participate in Newsday Tax Panel on February 26

March 2013
The Tax Return Process

February 2013
Sanders Thaler Viola & Katz Launches New E-Newsletter

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