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We provide a variety of services including:
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Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is one of the most important federal policy mechanisms to support the deployment of solar energy in the United States. SEIA successfully advocated for a multi-year extension of the credit in 2008, which provided business certainty to project developers and investors. The ITC continues to drive growth in the industry and job creation across the country. | Read More

Ten Midyear Tax Moves to Make Now

It's summer, the best time of the year to think about your taxes. Really.

A lot of people wait until December to start thinking about their tax bills. True, you can and should make some year-end moves by Dec. 31.

But now, halfway through the tax year, is even better for tax planning.

You have a good idea of what your earnings will be. And there's still plenty of time to take steps that could cut the taxes you'll owe on that money.

So put down your putter or tennis racket. Step away from the pool. Take a quick break to check out these 10 midyear tax moves.

Then you can get back to your leisure pursuits and really enjoy them, knowing you're in better tax shape.
| Read More

How Entrepreneurs Should Use Their Accountants

Being entrepreneurial doesn’t end at starting a business; it means constantly striving to perfect your business model and quickly and continually adapting to change. While “big data” has become a buzzword and the ability to readily capture data to inform business decisions has significantly increased in recent years, what is overlooked in this data grab is the importance of financial data and accountants, specifically. | Read More

Going Beyond Simple Tax Preparation (LI Business News: VISION2013)

Never having viewed the accounting industry as just record keeping, Sanders Thaler Viola & Katz, LLP in Jericho has always considered themselves as the trusted advisors who are active in their clients' operations and interests. | Read More

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Be sure to nominate Sanders Thaler Viola & Katz, LLP for Best Accounting Firm in Long Island Press’ “Best of LI 2014”! Click here, scroll down to Accounting Firm and enter Sanders Thaler Viola & Katz, LLP, Jericho. Nominations are being accepted until August 31.

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